Hama Pol-Cir Htmc Wide 82

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  • Reduces reflection on non-metallic surfaces and enhances colour saturation and image contrast
  • No vignetting (dark shading of picture corners)
  • For wide-angle and wide-angle zoom lenses, especially for fast AF lenses with integrated motor drive or front lens focus
  • Protects the lens against scratches, dust and fingerprints
  • Tempered glass
  • New optical glass of superior quality
  • Special filter with ultra flat rotary mount (4.5 mm)
  • HTMC coating: four layers of coating are vapour-deposited on each side which minimizes light reflections and optimizes light transmission
  • Very low weightQuality standard (glass): ProClass

    Impact on the picture:
  • Puts contrast and depth in the picture, the sky gets blue, the clouds get white and the colours become clearer
  • According to the position of the filter, non-metallic reflections (water, plastic, glass, etc.) are removed
  • A shooting angle of 30-40° to the reflective surface will give the best effects

  • Beschermfilter: Ja
  • Coating: HTMC (8 x)
  • Filterschroefdraad: 82 mm
  • Filtertype: Polarisatie Circulair
  • Metalen Vatting: Zwart
  • Montage Dikte: 4,5 mm

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€ 303,95
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